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An insight into pediatric physiotherapy

An insight into pediatric physiotherapy

Some children are born with neurological problems. Many children aged between 0 to 18 years develop cardiorespiratory or orthopedic problems. Such conditions need to be treated early for a child’s healthy future. Often, a child’s development is delayed due to specific reasons. In such cases, physiotherapy treatment for children is a good option.

Epilepsy and Cerebral Palsy are the two of the primary conditions that affect children. The conditions affect the children’s motor activity, while muscle weakness is also noted. In some cases, a child may face brain injury at birth, and the injury may also cause complications in the further stages of life. For children who find it difficult to move their muscles or have difficulty walking, Pediatric physiotherapy is advised.

How does pediatric physiotherapy help?

The physiotherapy for patients in the age group 0-18 focuses on various aspects, and it considers the cause and type of therapy requirement and includes other therapists as per the concern. The treatment also depends on the child’s age, level of concern, ability to cope with various treating mechanisms, and the requirement.

1. Overall Physical Development

At a tender age, children face problems with the overall development of the body due to medical conditions. That is why pediatric physiotherapists focus on strengthening muscles. A focus is also on curing problems that might affect the child later. In addition, the therapy improves the body posture of the child.

2. Positive Atmosphere

At the Hyderabad Physiotherapy centre, your child will find kids of their age and kind, which is a big relief for them, and this gives them confidence that they are not alone in this. In such a scenario, children tend to cooperate more, and thus, it leads to the smooth treatment of the child.

3. Cure it all

The pediatric physiotherapist checks with other medical practitioners and physiotherapists like occupational therapists, psychologists, speech therapists, etc., to ensure that all the concerned areas are given proper treatment.

Neuro Physiotherapy includes the treatment of certain genetic disorders, Autism, Neuromuscular issues, gross motor delay, and a few more. A pediatric physiotherapist looks after giving your child all the freedom and independence that they deserve, from movement to balance. Everything is done under medical supervision and by creating a detailed routine.

What does the treatment include in Pediatric physiotherapy?

The kind of treatment depends on the concern that your child is going through. But there are basic activities that we offer at our physiotherapy centre at Mission walk. The treatment includes-

  • Simple Stretching exercise
  • Strengthening of muscles
  • Balance training
  • Teaching regular movements
  • Strengthening respiration
  • Basic walking and standing exercise
  • Taking care of coordination
  • Improving learning techniques

Find it challenging to visit far away therapy centres regularly? You can look for a pediatric physiotherapy centre near me, the nearest centre is not only convenient, but you can always visit there in case of emergencies. Missionwalk is situated in Hyderabad; check out whether it’s the physiotherapy clinic near you, and even if it’s not, you can contact us online. We are known for our excellence in treating neurological problems in children.

Why choose Mission walk for Pediatric Physiotherapy?

We believe that special children deserve all the love and care. Our staff is trained to make children comfortable, and we add playful activities and fun exercises that children love the most. Our team works with different medical experts to treat your child in the best way possible.

We create a plan as per the child’s need and strictly follow the treatment pattern. We connect parents, social workers, teachers, and other field experts for detailed assessments and therapy plans and a deep understanding of reflex patterns and other illnesses. A plan is curated in collaboration with parents so that all factors are considered for assessment.

Our rehabilitation centre offers numerous programs for children with physiological problems. Our treatment includes diagnosis of neurological problems, respiratory conditions, learning difficulties, etc. Mission walk is known to put its heart and soul into treating its patients.

Our expertise allows us to cure children, and in return, your child will be able to enjoy their life to the fullest.

Give your child a happy life with the right treatment. Give us a try, and you’ll not repent.

To know more about us or our pediatric physiotherapy service, you can visit our website, www.missionwalk.in. To connect with us, you can reach out through our helpdesk at 91 91773 00194.

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