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Cerebral Palsy At Different Life Stages – Signs & Symptoms

Cerebral Palsy at Different Life Stages – Signs & Symptoms

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a group of disorders resulting from developing brain damage. This damage to the brain does not change over time – it does not improve nor worsen, but the symptoms may worsen or change for the better as a person ages. The good thing about CP is that many of the CP symptoms can be improved with the right actions.

Cerebral palsy happens early in life when the brain gets damaged before, during, or shortly after birth.


The common signs and symptoms of CP in infants:

* Developmental delays. Infants with CP may not be able to develop into a more advanced stage as quickly as they should.

* Irregular muscle tone. The child may have spasticity, high muscle tone, hypotonia, or abnormally low muscle tone.

* Tremors or shaking of the infant’s arm when reaching for objects.

* Feeding difficulties. CP can affect all the body muscles, including mouth muscles, so children find it extremely difficult to open or close their mouths and swallow.


Toddlers may have similar Cerebral Palsy symptoms as infants, with the addition of the following:

* Abnormal gait or walking patterns

* Difficulty speaking

* Poor balance and coordination


For adults, the symptoms of CP are the following:

* Irregular muscle tone

* Abnormal walking pattern/gait

* Poor balance and coordination

 Cerebral Palsy rehabilitation for children is designed to reach and maintain the child’s most desirable physical, intellectual, sensory, social, and psychological functions. A physiotherapist will provide these kids with the necessary tools to gain and maintain independence and self-determination. 

A physiotherapist (physical therapist) is qualified to deal with disorders, injuries, or deformities through massages, exercises, heat treatment, and other physical methods.

Cerebral palsy physiotherapy has a key role to play in the management of CP. It is comprised of various interventions to improve physiological and functional outcomes. Its goals are to hasten the individual’s participation with SP and reduce the symptoms’ physical impairments. 

 Through physiotherapy, children and adults with cerebral palsy get the help they need to achieve their maximum potential for fitness levels and improve their quality of life. Almost all persons who are suffering from CP receive physiotherapy services.

Cerebral palsy exercises are important for persons with CP. Everyone has different experiences with cerebral palsy, so it is ideal to have a personalised approach. Your situation will be assessed by a professional, including your abilities, before creating a custom rehabilitation plan. There are various exercises that you can perform depending on your needs, for example:

* Exercises that improve flexibility and increase range of motion

* Exercises that boost cardiovascular health, and

* Exercises that strengthen the muscles.

Interventions for cerebral palsy, such as rehabilitation, physiotherapy, and exercises, may take place at any physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre you choose. They may also be performed at home, where a physiotherapist will visit your place and do the rehab and PT at the most convenient time.

There is no known cure for cerebral palsy; however, some of the symptoms can be managed. Many complications of CP can be delayed or prevented from happening.

Some individuals with CP can move around without much help, while others need to have cared for long-term and be provided with extensive care. 

No matter how severe the condition of a person with SP, cerebral palsy treatments, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, recreational therapy, and muscle training and exercises, can improve these people’s lives. 

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