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Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation

Loss of hearing affects a child’s speech and language skills development. 

It’s because when a child experiences difficulty hearing, the area of the brain for communication may not appropriately develop, thus making understanding and talking far from easy.

Most hearing losses are established at birth through screening, and some children are not diagnosed earlier until it becomes apparent that speech and language skills are not progressing. When hearing loss is determined early, and the child undergoes hearing and speech rehabilitation, the outcomes will be better for the child.

Hearing and speech rehabilitation at the Mission Walk Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre includes complete diagnostic evaluations, counselling for parents, consultations, and treatment for kids with hearing and speech disorders.

Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation

Hearing and speech therapy are important specialties that concern the normal development of human communications and the treatment of its disorders. It is also referred to as speech-language pathology and audiology. Speech therapy centres on voice and speech-language skills, while hearing therapy deals with hearing and hearing impairment.

Difficulty learning to speak, or language disorders, may exist at birth; or may be acquired later in life due to head injury, illness, substance abuse, disease, or viral diseases, such as German measles (rubella). Hearing loss is sometimes acquired from communicable diseases or middle ear inflammation. Adult hearing may be damaged due to aging or prolonged exposure to loud noise.

Treatment for speech and hearing issues is provided by professionally trained specialists, such as speech-language pathologists and audiologists. In simple terms, they are speech and hearing therapists. Some of them are working as advisors, teachers, researchers, and consultants. The others specialise in aphasia (difficulty expressing thoughts and understanding others) or hearing disorders in children and adults.

A speech-language pathologist assesses an individual’s speech-language skills and identifies the probable cause and extent of the existing disorder. Then they develop the right treatment plan to correct or reduce the communication problem. Clinical methods are used based on the severity and nature of the problem, the age of the patient, and their awareness of the issue.

An audiologist evaluates the individual’s hearing and identifies the type of hearing loss. Then they establish a treatment plan that involves therapy. Special equipment such as electronic communication devices and hearing aids may also be prescribed, and referral for possible surgery or medication.

Whenever necessary, speech-language therapists refer patients to other sources speech-language therapists, They help the client and their family understand the problem and the devised treatment plan. These professionals work jointly with other professionals in health and education, including social workers, counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, dentists, etc.

If you have any questions or concerns about speech and hearing problems in the family, please contact us today. We are Mission Walk Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre in Hyderabad. Our contact numbers are 971 91773 00194, and our email address is rehab@missionwalk.in. Our staff will be delighted to provide you with the necessary service. They are known to be very patient and polite to all the persons they attend on the phone to. 

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