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Home Physiotherapy : Why It Works Better?

Home Physiotherapy : Why It Works Better?

Performing daily functions can be painful and difficult if you have an injury, disability, or illness that affects your muscles, bones, and joints. Many times movement can be impossible. However, there’s a solution to that. 

Physiotherapy can make you feel better and allow you to live independently, however serious is the injury or disability.

Physiotherapy is a procedure that is focused on rehabilitating individuals who suffer from trauma. Usually, it aims to restore, maintain and maximise the functionality and movement, as well as the strength of the individual. Some conditions that can be treated by physiotherapy include:

  • Bone fractures/cracks
  • Spinal injuries
  • Rehabilitation after surgery
  • Sports injuries
  • Cardio thoracic disorders
  • Joint problems
  • Pediatric conditions (cerebral palsy)
  • Neurological disorders

Physiotherapy can happen in a hospital, a clinic, or a physiotherapy centre. These days, however, home physiotherapy has been opted for by many patients because of the benefits that it offers.

Physiotherapy, in general, involves exercises, manual therapy, education, and guidance. All of these will smoothen and speed up your recovery. The procedure follows a holistic approach, considering your whole person and 

overall health, well-being, and lifestyle. You’ll be able to manage pain and other illnesses like asthma, recover from chronic conditions and return to your normal functioning after surgery. You’ll get help addressing various issues, including cardiac, orthopedic, and neurological.  

When it comes to home visit physiotherapy, you’ll have a physiotherapist come to your home and assess your condition through a physical exam and evaluation. Your health history will also be an essential part of the assessment. You may be required to undergo some tests and have your posture evaluated, including the movement of your muscles and joints.

The physiotherapy home service continues, though. You will be offered a diagnosis and explained your condition; along with this, they will devise a care plan with short and long-term goals.

Why does home physiotherapy work better? There are reasons, and they are excellent reasons. Please find out about them in the following list.

1. Saves you money.

Physiotherapy at home is cost-efficient. You can save the transportation expenses of traveling to and from your home and the PT centre or hospital for your sessions. If you have a severe condition, you might spend more for an ambulance to the therapy sessions.

2. Saves your time.

Opting for residential physiotherapy rehabilitation will save you precious travel time. These days when heavy traffic is the norm, home physiotherapy will keep you from commuting or falling in line at the PT centre. When you choose to be rehabilitated at home, the physiotherapist will go through traffic and show up at your doorstep; and at your own schedule.

3. Family can get involved.

Home physiotherapy allows your family and loved ones to get involved. They can track the program’s progress and monitor the process to ensure you are getting the best possible treatment. On the other hand, the physiotherapist will be able to provide guidance and advise the family members about things related to the therapy session.

4. Feeling of safety and comfort.

Where else can you feel safest and most comfortable? It’s none other than in your own home. Choosing home care PT will make you feel at ease during the treatment process, free from stress and anxiety. This will improve your confidence, enthusiasm, and discipline, thereby speeding up your recovery.

5. Customised treatment.

Home physiotherapy allows you to spend more time with your therapist. You can discuss with them the issues related to your condition and what you feel about the treatment process. The therapist, in turn, can personalise the home care process accordingly.

6. Best option for high-risk patients.

Given the pandemic, patients who can easily be infected with the Covid-19 virus should have their home physiotherapy treatment instead of a clinic or the hospital.

Mission Walk Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre in Hyderabad, India offers a range of physiotherapy treatments for nervous, muscular, skeletal, and musculo skeletal systems disorders. We are also a leading home physiotherapy company, and we have professionals who will be happy to provide physical therapy services at your own home.

Contact us today for more information that you may require. We will be happy to serve you and resolve all your doubts to your utmost satisfaction.

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