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How Can Physiotherapy Help a Patient After a Stroke?

How Can Physiotherapy Help a Patient After a Stroke?

A stroke happens when the blood vessel responsible for carrying oxygen and nutrients to the brain is blocked by a clot or ruptures (bursts). This results in the part of the brain not being supplied with the blood and oxygen it needs; the brain cells eventually die.

The brain is a very complex organ controlling various functions of the body. If a stroke occurs and the blood can’t reach that area of the brain that controls a particular function, that body part will not be able to work as it should. If you suffer from a stroke, you can feel weakness/paralysis on one side of your body. You may also have movement problems, changes in sensation, balance problems, muscle spasms, 

and difficulty in doing your everyday tasks.

Physiotherapy for stroke patients can help you learn to move and get around. 

You may be able to use your arms and hands and perform your day-to-day activities to a feasible extent. Physiotherapy can also treat stroke-related problems such as spasticity and muscle stiffness, joint pain, and problems with balance and movement.

To help you manage the problems caused by stroke, physiotherapists often work with other professionals such as occupational therapists, doctors, nurses, speech therapists, and social workers. This team of professionals is called the stroke team, or the multi-disciplinary team.

Within 24 hours after a stroke, or at the early stages, stroke physiotherapy pays particular attention to preventing complications and helping with recovery. You will get help doing the things you value and doing them independently.

At the physiotherapy clinic, you will be assessed by a therapist. The assessment should consider the health problems that you’ve had before the stroke. It will also identify any of your movement problems, and care should be organised for your good chances of recovery.

It would be best if you were given good care in the early days, and it will protect you from developing muscle stiffness or muscle tightness. Your physiotherapist will tell you how you can get comfortable and move around with limited mobility. If needed, you will be provided with equipment such as a splint or walking stick to aid your movement.

Before you get discharged from the hospital, you should know which physiotherapist, facility, or rehabilitation program you want to help you recover from a stroke. Your doctors will know the best approach for complete recovery, so review your discharge plans carefully. Your medical team should get involved in your rehabilitation plans.

During your stroke recovery treatment, you may perform exercises to strengthen your weakened muscles and build up your ability to sustain the prolonged physical effort. Stretching exercises may be prescribed to reduce stiffness in joints and muscles. 

There are many ways to practice and exercise; you can work with a physiotherapist on a one-on-one basis to guide you on the tasks you are learning to do.

Your physiotherapist will help you set goals and priorities about things you want to be capable of doing in the near future. 

This is ideal to ensure your treatment is centred on doing what you value most. These goals should be determined by how the stroke affected you, your abilities, and your interests. Your plans should also rely on the life that you intend to live in the future.

Most often, it will be an advantage if your family members, friends and healthcare providers attend your stroke rehabilitation near me sessions with you, especially once you are discharged from the hospital.

Physiotherapy for stroke patients, and stroke recovery are key components in the long journey back to your almost normal life. Choosing the right physiotherapy facility and setting the right goals should be taken seriously. Be sure to communicate what you need and how you feel so you end up with a facility and therapists that suits you. Sometimes, recovery takes a long time for most patients, so you better get the right people on your team. This will help the process.

Mission Walk is a physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre in Hyderabad, India. Our therapists have the appropriate qualifications and substantial experience in stroke rehabilitation. Contact us if you have concerns or questions or wish to set up a consultation appointment. Our numbers are 91 91773 00194, and our email is rehab@missionwalk.in.

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