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How Do Stroke and Paralysis Affect Your Life?

How Do Stroke and Paralysis Affect Your Life?

Stroke and paralysis are among those diseases that can cause permanent loss of function. They have a long-term effect depending on which brain part was damaged and how severe the injury was. After a stroke, the most common disabilities include:

  • Restricted physical abilities.
  • Impaired speech.
  • Muscle weakness or paralysis of the limbs.
  • Difficulty holding things.
  • Difficulty in communication.

There are several ways by which stroke and paralysis can affect one’s life. A person who suffered a stroke may experience physical and emotional changes, as well as changes to thinking, memory and perception, and communication.

Physical changes after a stroke can include weakness or paralysis of limbs on one side of the body, pain, fatigue or tiredness, inability to do physical activities or exercises, swallowing issues, vision problems and more.

Emotional and personality changes can show in one’s frequent changes of mood and personality, including depression. A person who has suffered from a stroke can also have an anxiety disorder.

Stroke and paralysis can change your thinking and memory; and affect how you see, hear and feel the world. This can also vary in how you think of yourself, friends and family. You may have problems learning new skills, focusing and concentrating, and short-term memory problems.

If a stroke has affected the part of your brain that helps in speaking and reading, you may find it challenging to communicate with others.

Having a stroke and paralysis can mean changes in you day-to-day life, as follows:

* living arrangements (whether in residential homes or you modify your home)

* sexual relationships and functions

* Ability to deal with complex skills, such as driving

* Ability to work again, if you’ve been working before a stroke

* level of independence (you may depend on your caregivers at home most of the time)

With these changes in your life after a stroke, it is important to remember that stroke rehabilitation and therapy can help you get back the voluntary movement that you lost when stroke happened; and this can be achieved even after several years have passed after the stroke took place.

The most effective stroke treatment is activating neuroplasticity. This is the mechanism used by the brain in reorganising nerve cells and forming new neural pathways, allowing the healthy and undamaged portions of the brain to take control of the damaged area.

Paralysis stroke treatment can be done in a variety of ways. Note that one treatment may work for you but not for another person. So it will be best to experiment with a couple or more recovery treatments until you find the one that suits your unique needs. Note also that these treatments do not guarantee to cure paralysis stroke totally, but they can help your chances for recovery. These are some of the paralysis stroke treatments:

– Passive exercises are the most science-verified method of gaining mobility

– Mental practice can be accessible to you if you are paralysed.

– Electrical stimulation is the application of gentle electric currents to affected muscles

– Electroacupuncture gets mixed results. However, it can be a great option to consider

– Tabletop mirror therapy can help you recover from hand paralysis after a stroke.

You may notice that, overall, these treatments stimulate the brain and encourage neuroplasticity.

The goal of stroke rehabilitation is to help you deal with the cognitive, physical and psychological side effects of stroke. Rehabilitation may vary depending on the seriousness and the damaged part of the brain. 

You might find the task challenging if you are searching for the right stroke and paralysis rehab center. Strive to find a rehab center where your needs are best served and reflect your budget, symptoms, and physical condition. This can have a great impact on the rate of your recovery.

Visit Mission Walk in Hyderabad. Note that in everything we do, we take a patient-centred approach. Consider our facility’s expertise in stroke recovery. We have a team that works together to develop a special rehabilitation program that will help you restore as much functioning as possible, regain your independence, and optimise your quality of life.

For more information about our stroke and paralysis rehab program, please call Mission Walk at 91 91773 00194 or email us at rehab@missionwalk.in.

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