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How Does Geriatric Rehabilitation Help?

Today’s medical procedures, treatment, and technological advancements have allowed people to live longer. What is important now is to ensure that the elderly’s quality of life is maintained and does not deteriorate. That is exactly the goal of geriatric rehabilitation.

Geriatric rehabilitation is restoring a geriatric patient to health through training and physiotherapy due to old age. Geriatric PT covers problems concerning the elderly. These problems affect people as they age, and these geriatric conditions in physiotherapy include but are not limited to, the following:

  • Arthritis osteoporosis
  • Cancer Alzheimer’s disease
  • Hip and joint replacement balance disorders
  • Incontinence depression
  • Diabetes neurological disorders
  • Generalised weakness postural instability
  • Impaired senses sleep deprivation

The principles of geriatric physiotherapy usually include the following:

  • emphasis on functional activities to maintain capabilities and mobility.
  • improvement of balance through exercises and supervised functional activity programmes.
  • good nutrition.
  • good general geriatric care (hygiene, hydration, enough sleep and rest, bladder and bowel considerations, emotional and social support).

How does geriatric rehabilitation help?

As people get older, they require good communication, non-impairment of mental faculties, and good movement. Their eyesight and hearing become impaired with age, and their movements become limited because of joint wear and tear. There are also osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, and other age-related factors. 

Good nutrition is a great help, as it promotes healing, provides the elderly with energy, and enhances the quality of life.

As life slows down for the aged, this can lead to depression. Geriatric rehab also attends to the mental health of the geriatrics, which is as important as their physical health.

Physiotherapy for geriatric patients specialises in physiotherapy treatments for the above-mentioned conditions and ailments. PT has an important role in allowing older men and women to fully use their body’s systems to improve mobility and independence and become comfortable and free from pain.

The procedure is done with the help of a physiotherapist or a medical professional. 

They would teach exercises to the elderly, so these geriatrics will be able to master how to develop physical and mental balance. Physiotherapy can be applied in 3 different ways:  

  • Hydrotherapy – exercises done in a pool
  • Mechanotherapy – treatment given by manual or mechanical means
  • Kinesiotherapy – treatment by active and passive movements 

In geriatric rehabilitation, a patient will have to undergo an initial treatment phase before they are referred to a physiotherapist. The physiotherapist will then have their assessment to establish the method of treatment to be applied to the elderly.

The rehabilitation plan will vary greatly, as this will be determined by the condition, the patient, their mindset, their situation at home and with family, and the family history. The evaluation of the home setting is important for patients with mobility issues, dementia, or a history of falls.

Geriatric physiotherapy has been demonstrated by evidence to improve mobility and balance, boost confidence in physical activities, build strength, and remain active over the years. The primary purpose of physiotherapy in the elderly is to allow them to function to their best abilities.

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