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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Importance of Cardiac Rehabilitation

Have you experienced a cardiac procedure, heart attack, heart valve surgery, angioplasty, peripheral artery disease, or heart failure? If so, your doctor has likely recommended that you undergo cardiac rehabilitation. It is also suggested for people who use ventricular assist devices, have heart and heart-lung transplants, and have heart valve repair/replacement.

Cardiac rehab is a medically supervised program specifically designed to help you recover from a cardiac procedure or surgery and improve your cardiovascular health.

The cardiac rehabilitation can last for about three months, depending on the heart ailment and the condition of the patient, and should include the following:

medical evaluation, so that a program which is tailor made for the patient can be prepared.

counselling about stress reduction and improvement of the patient’s mental wellbeing.

education and guidance about healthy living, good eating habits, and eliminating bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcoholic drinks.

guided exercises and physical therapy.


Is Cardiac Rehabilitation Necessary? What Is The Importance of Cardiac Rehabilitation?


Your heart doctor always recommends cardiac rehabilitation to you after a heart procedure because the rehab offers numerous benefits, both short-term and long term, as follows:

* Stress management and reduction

* Relieving and managing symptoms such as chest pain

* Quick recovery and preventing future illness

* Elevating mood and positive attitude toward life

* Educating and preparing patients for any unfavourable situations

* Increasing strength and endurance so that the patient can carry out his daily activities

* Introducing good habits – healthy eating, increased physical activity, quitting smoking, quitting alcohol consumption.


Completing cardiac rehabilitation can add up to 5 years in the number of years you can expect to live. The program can help you recover and get the strength your body needs after a heart attack, heart surgery, or any heart issue.


Cardiac rehabilitation is very important in many ways to people with heart issues:

  • It can get your body moving to make your daily activities easier.
  • It can improve your quality of life on day to day basis.
  • It can lower your risk of having another heart attack.
  • It can minimise your risk of becoming very ill or dying of heart disease in the coming years.
  • It can help you manage your mental health, avoiding feelings of depression and anxiety.
  • It can help you fight stress.
  • It can teach you healthier lifestyle habits.
  • It can help with your shortness of breath, chest pain, etc.


Where Can You Get Cardiac Rehabilitation?


When it comes to the rehabilitation process, it would be best to connect with your doctor for guidance and the right information. Many hospitals have rehabilitation facilities to carry out the cardiac rehabilitation. It can also be performed in rehabilitation centres, nursing homes, assisted facilities, and physiotherapy centres.


Mission Walk Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre can provide cardiac rehab as part of its care program. Among the rehabilitation services offered here include; doctors consultation, around-the-clock guidance by nursing care coaches, dieticians, wellbeing guides, physiotherapists, psychologists, and verified information, among others.


The Mission Walk team works tirelessly to give cardiac patients the program they need while ensuring it is safe and effective. They offer their expertise and the right guidance throughout the program. Mission Walk’s cardiac rehab program can help you no matter your age, gender and irrespective of whether you have a minor or major heart problem.


With us at Mission Walk, a patient’s recovery is driven in the right direction when the rehab program is complete. If you are a heart patient, you should follow healthy lifestyle changes and maintain healthy diets and exercises.


So, if you are searching for a cardiac rehabilitation program that will suit your needs, please check out the rehabilitation services offered by Mission Walk Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre. Call us whether you need more information about cardiac rehabilitation or want to book a consultation. We will happily speak to you and serve you with the therapy you need.

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