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Physiotherapy for Spinal Cord Injury

Physiotherapy for Spinal Cord Injury

If you or someone in the family had a spinal cord injury, physiotherapy should focus on exercises to optimise your mobility. So the best person to treat you in such a situation is a physiotherapist. In Hyderabad physiotherapy clinic, like mission walk, you will be provided with a personalised rehabilitation plan. It is personalised because every SCI is unique and different from other patients.

A physiotherapist will assess your functional abilities; then, they will create an exercise regimen for you. You will then work with the physiotherapist near me towards your recovery goals. You can make progress by focusing on getting back to muscle mobility and strength using the scheme “use it to improve it”.

Physiotherapy promotes neuroplasticity, a term that refers to a case in which the spinal cord and the brain recover from the injury and become able to do functions that you failed to do after the injury. Promoting neuroplasticity means you are doing meaningful activities over and over again. Your weakness and functional movements such as getting up from bed, sitting and walking get rehabilitated by neuroplastic changes.

Depending on the severity and location of your SCI, there are some physiotherapy exercises that may be needed. These exercises you can perform either in a physiotherapy centre near me, or in your own home.

Here are some of those important exercises.

1. Range of Motion (ROM) Exercises

This exercise involves moving the joints to promote circulation, preventing stiff joints. If you can’t move your body by yourself, you can call a nearby physiotherapist to move your body for you. This is called passive range of motion exercise. The other one, called the active exercise, is done by yourself, so you need a lot of effort in doing it.

2. Stretching Exercises

This exercise can reduce the pain within your joints and tight muscles. You can feel relieved for hours, and you may not feel pain when doing more strenuous exercises; instead, you may perform any exercise without pain.

3. Aerobic Exercises

This physiotherapy exercise strengthens the cardiovascular system by getting your heart pumping and promoting circulation. When your cardiac performance is weakened, your pulse slows down, and your blood pressure decreases. When not addressed immediately, some of your major organs may suffer dysfunction. Aerobic also helps you to regulate your weight, which you may struggle with because of reduced mobility after SCI.

4. Strengthening Exercises

This will help maintain your muscle mass. Spinal cord injury is the primary outcome when your physical activity is reduced due to weakened motor control. Strengthening exercises are an essential part of physiotherapy.
When your muscles become weak, you are susceptible to falls, poor circulation, decreased metabolic rate, and fractures.

5. Gait Training

This activity-based therapy focuses on regaining your skills in walking after a spinal cord injury. This uses walking devices, parallel bars, harness systems, and technology-assisted robotics.

6. At Home Physiotherapy Programs

The exercises performed repetitively in a single physiotherapy session are not good enough to promote neuroadaptive changes, requiring physiotherapy exercises at home instead of a physiotherapy clinic. In the absence of a physiotherapist, you may have a problem with accountability. When you are doing the same exercises repeatedly, you might feel bored and lose your motivation. You can do exercises with your family or your chosen physiotherapist at home.

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