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Physiotherapy Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury

Physiotherapy Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a brain trauma caused by an accidental or intended blow to the head, such as by accidents, gunshot wounds or falls. It can also include complications after the initial injury due to increased pressure within the skull or lack of oxygen to the brain tissues.

There are three classifications of traumatic brain injury, and these are:

* First Injury: This initial injury happens within seconds after the accident. The damage can be crushed, open, or closed head injury. The latter means trauma to the head, without causing a break in the skull, and violent movement can cause bleeding and swelling inside the head.

* Second injury: This happens in the minutes and hours after the accident when there is a reduced supply of oxygen to the brain. There might be an obstruction to an airway or severe blood loss, and this situation can aggravate the damage done in the first injury.

* Third injury: This results from when a blood vessel gets damaged, and blood leaks over the damaged area, causing the brain to swell. The third injury happens during the days or weeks after the accident. The brain suffers damage, if it squeezes against the skull because it is a fixed space and not flexible.

Following a brain injury, an individual can present a great variety of symptoms, depending on factors such as the type of injury experienced, the affected brain area, and the extent of damage done to the brain tissue. 

Here’s a list of those signs or symptoms:

              * Physical changes, such as

                             Reduced mobility

                             Altered balance

                             Altered muscle tone: high/low

                             Altered coordination

                             Altered movement patterns

                             Arm and leg weakness

                             Facial weakness/paralysis

              * Chronic pain

              * Changes to normal body functions

              * Social/emotional changes

              * Cognitive deficits

              * Seizures

              * Speech and language problems

              * Loss of taste; smell

              * Changes in sensation

              * Increased/Reduced hearing

              * Perceptual difficulties

              * Visual disturbances

At Mission Walk Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre, we understand the possible distressing effects a head trauma or traumatic brain injury can have on a patient and their family. Our team of physiotherapists can help you get back your independence, as much as you possibly want. The rehabilitation process will be focused specifically on you, as determined by your future goals and the symptoms you are suffering.

Following a TBI, physiotherapy treatment is very important, and it should be started as soon as possible and continue until the patient has achieved their maximum potential. Physiotherapy can improve their quality of life by increasing their mobility, independence, and ability to do day-to-day tasks.

Our staff at Mission Walk realises that traumatic brain injury causes a change to the patient’s life in various ways; we also know that every patient is different. This is why we offer both clinic appointments and home physiotherapist visits, and this enable us to provide our neurological physiotherapy services to all kinds of patient needs and goals.

If you have disability due to traumatic brain injury, remember that our brain is adaptable. With the right physiotherapy input, you can make a quick recovery. So that you gain maximum recovery, the physiotherapy treatment should continue after your discharge from the hospital.

When you are discharged from the hospital, you are medically stable. However, it doesn’t mean that you need not improve further. Your rehabilitation should not just be stopped, but continued with the physiotherapist of your choice, who will give you an initial assessment, during which your short and long-term rehabilitation goals will be discussed. These professionals will help you regain as much movement and function as possible. You will concentrate initially on sitting balance, walking, standing balance, using your affected arm or hand, and managing any changes in your muscle pain, stiffness, and tone.

During treatment sessions, Mission Walk physiotherapists will guide you through a progressive programme of functional exercises to enhance your muscle control and mobility.

A traumatic brain injury is a life-changing event that affects your social, psychological and physical functioning and needs an adjustment in your pattern of living. This is one reason we at Mission Walk strive to make our treatment sessions effective and enjoyable, so you can live as fulfilling as your potential allows.

To book a consultation appointment, please call 91 91773 00194. Book now. Alternatively, send us an email at rehab@missionwalk.in for your concerns or queries. 

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