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Psychological Rehab Therapy

People with severe psychiatric conditions need help in different aspects of life, such as living, working, and learning environments. The symptoms of chronic and severe psychological disorders can be managed through one treatment approach known as psychological rehab therapy

Psychological rehab therapy is sometimes called “talking therapy .”It is designed to help improve the lives of those with mental illness; and aims to help patients reach their social, cognitive, and emotional skills. This will allow them to live and independently work in their communities.

Some mental conditions that can benefit from psychological rehab therapy include stress, depression, anxiety, addiction, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress, personality disorder, grief and trauma, relationship problems, and others.

Psychological Rehab Therapy

The therapy involves talking to a psychological professional about your thoughts and feelings that resulted from the happenings in your everyday life or about trying to understand the connection between your past and your present. The outcome should be as follows:

  • You better understand your own behaviour and thinking
  • Resolve your problems
  • Identify the symptoms of mental illness in yourself
  • Lessen your symptoms, and make them less severe
  • Change your behaviour for the better
  • Make your quality of life better

One type of psychological rehab therapy is CBT or Cognitive behavioural therapy, where patients learn to develop coping skills through exercises in the session and homework exercises outside the session. An individual becomes able to change their own thinking, behaviour, and problematic emotions.

How do you get the most out of the psychological rehab therapy? First, you must feel at ease and comfortable speaking with your psychologist/therapist. You are also expected to:

  • Speak honestly about what is going on in your mind, and your life
  • Provide information on how you’re doing
  • Ask questions
  • Make sure to complete your homework
  • Attend all your appointments

Your psychological therapist, in return, will offer you a safe and trusting relationship. During your first appointment, you might be asked to tell your story and what thoughts you are having. Based on your input, they will provide a treatment plan that will suit your needs. 

Most importantly, psychological therapists should keep everything you say to them in confidence. After the first session, you might feel some relief, or you might experience stirred-up emotions, and doing exercises can help release tensions.

Some psychological therapies, like 6 – 10 sessions, might be brief, but others involve longer periods, say 20 sessions in five months and even a year or more. It cannot be said to be a quick fix, but the effects are positive and long-lasting.

Mission Walk is just a phone call away if you’re around the Hyderabad area and looking for a psychological therapist to work with. We are a rehabilitation and physiotherapy centre, and we have physiotherapists and psychologists who will care for you. They will be working in coordination with mental health nurses, GPs, social workers, and other therapists.

Call us at 91 91773 00194 for your queries and concerns, or drop us an email at rehab@missionwalk.in. We will be happy to be of help.

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