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Robotic Physiotherapy

Robotics in physiotherapy uses robots, tools, and devices in treatments to restore, maintain, and make the most of a patient’s mobility function or well-being. Robots can deliver high dosage and high-intensity training, making it beneficial to patients with motor disorders due to spinal cord injury and stroke. This physiotherapy process uses therapy robots, such as end-effectors and exoskeletons.

Spinal cord injuries (SCI) is a neurological injury disease that results in motor dysfunction. The patient may suffer some complications, including muscle atrophy, osteoporosis, reduced cardiac functions, pressure sores, and some more. Patients may also develop weakness, spasticity, pain, and bowel and bladder issues.

Robotic physiotherapy in Hyderabad is a critical step in increasing the efficiency and the quality of patient care.   

While robotic physiotherapy cannot be expected to replace human-to-human interaction and treatment, it may greatly improve the future of medicine and treatment processes.

Robotic Physiotherapy

Neurological conditions involve impaired body functioning and failed connection with the brain and muscle, which seriously limits flexibility and mobility. These limitations can be overcome by administering extensive physiotherapy.

The gap, if any, between recovery and physiotherapy-assisted therapy can be bridged effectively today by technology. The flaws in physiotherapy-assisted rehabilitation are due to a lot of physical strain on the physiotherapists. On top of that, it is also very time-consuming; therefore, the need for alternatives—this is why a new way to rehabilitate was introduced – by using robots.

Robotic physiotherapy utilises the effective expertise of a physiotherapist combined with advanced technology. This has made the process of successful recovery easier. This is a life-changing revolution in the life sciences industry, administering effective therapy sessions so effectively that the therapy sessions become shorter and the patient’s life is set in motion.

Functional movements are repeated in the robotic rehabilitation process to promote learning and ease recovery. The robotic technology is state of the art, guiding the patients through movements that are repeatedly done to boost functional independence.

Robotic physiotherapy offers the following benefits to patients who have suffered from a stroke and spinal cord injury:

  • enhanced mobilisation
  • maximised gait recovery
  • motor re-learning
  • emphasized movements
  • larger range of motion
  • speedy recovery

Mission Walk Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre is a robotic rehabilitation centre in Hyderabad. We offer affordable and life-changing robotic rehab programs to those who want to benefit from robotic rehabilitation and therapy. We use high-tech robotics for stroke, spinal cord, and other related conditions. With us, you’ll find therapy a fun process.  

You will receive interactive, intensive rehabilitation, as you will be using therapeutic robots to guide your exercise therapy. Therapists will get help from these rehabilitation robots to ensure that the exercises are done correctly. Also, they can help support the patient’s body weight to allow the patient to participate in the exercise for longer periods before they get tired. They measure your improvement and are also able to provide reports and assessments.

Please call us for additional information about robotic physiotherapy or to book an appointment consultation. Our numbers are 91 91773 00194, and our email address is rehab@missionwalk.in. We would love to hear from you.

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