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Rehabilitation is Important For Patients with Spinal Cord Injury

Rehabilitation is Important For Patients with Spinal Cord Injury

Suppose you or someone you love has sustained a spinal cord injury (SCI); you need to undergo rehabilitation to prevent secondary complications, maximise your physical functioning, and enable you to reintegrate into your community role and lifestyle. The rehabilitation is usually done in a hospital, a rehabilitation centre or a clinic. The process used is called physiotherapy.

SCI rehabilitation must be done as early as possible because the spinal cord injury will damage your physical function and may result in many complications. The injury may also result in serious disability, and early treatment will prevent stiffening of joints and loss of muscle strength while ensuring the normal functioning of the respiratory and digestive systems.

If you need to undergo physiotherapy and don’t know which clinic to go to, you can contact Mission Walk Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic in Hyderabad. We will help you get back to your former active life, by improving your physical functioning. We will help you regain your mobility through exercise and some other means. Our team of physiotherapists are licensed experts and very passionate in caring for patients with spinal cord injury.

Mission Walk also offers home physiotherapy service, which is excellent, especially if the patient cannot travel to the clinic. Our therapist will visit your home to diagnose and treat you in this offer. It means that everything, from initial discussions about issues that concern the patient’s health to the objectives of the treatment and the actual process of physiotherapy will be entirely carried out in your home.

Our Hyderabad physiotherapy home service will offer you these advantages:

1. You can save money

Some physiotherapists may charge higher fees for home service; it is still cost-effective than visiting a centre, as you can save on your travel costs. In addition to this, if you are in serious condition, you might need an ambulance service, which may also cost you some money. You can avoid calling the same when you call a physiotherapist to visit you at home.

2. You can save time

You really can save a lot of time when you call for home physiotherapy. When you travel to the clinic, you tend to spend a lot of time, especially when dealing with heavy traffic and the clinic’s long-distance from your home.

3. Your home is a comfortable environment

Being in a known environment and surrounded by your family will put your mind at ease, thus aiding your body to make quick healing. Even if SCI rehabilitation is long and expensive and needs a multi-disciplinary approach, you can find comfort in your own home. There is nothing compared to your own home’s comfort level and convenience. Also, the presence of your family members during the rehabilitation process will help boost your morale, thereby contributing to your speedy recovery.

4. You get a personalised treatment

Availing home visit for physiotherapy offers a high level of comfort and individual attention. As you know, physiotherapy is all about personalisation. For a therapist assigned to work at a medical institution, giving highly personalised care to patients is difficult, as they are always bound by time. They have to finish every session at the exact time or with a minimum delay to make time for the next patient in waiting. This is not what happens when you call for a home physiotherapist session. You can even discuss the details of your problem with your physiotherapist without time restrictions.


Home physiotherapy is crucial for people with spinal cord injury who need rehabilitation. These people have problems in their lower body and can’t move around and go to the rehabilitation centres without experiencing too much pain and difficulty. The costs of ambulance and other overhead costs are also saved in this kind of arrangement. Hence these days many people are opting for home physiotherapy and we think it’s a sensible choice.

If you are one of these patients and want to get better and feel better from your physical disability, don’t hesitate to contact Mission Walk Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Centre at telephone numbers 91-9177300194 or mail us at rehab@missionwalk.in. We promise to give you that little extra care and extra attention you need and may you well in the shortest possible time.

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