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Types of Pediatric Physiotherapy

Types of Pediatric Physiotherapy

Are some children you know suffering from a condition that affects movement dysfunction and motor skill issues? Do they have a musculoskeletal disorder or neurological and respiratory disease?

Pediatric physiotherapy can help the child treat and rehabilitate these conditions. This branch of physiotherapy aids in the physical development of children aging from the perinatal stage to their transition to adult age.

Pediatric physiotherapists have special knowledge and training on movement development that primarily affects children. The treatment and rehabilitation are applied to newly born babies and adolescents. Some childhood diseases and disorders that can cause motor skill issues and movement dysfunction are the following:

  • traumatic brain injury (brain damage due to external physical assault)
  • cardio-pulmonary disorders (a range of disorders that affect the heart and lungs)
  • arthrogryposis (a condition that affects the joints)
  • juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (an autoimmune and inflammatory disease)
  • cystic fibrosis (a hereditary disorder affecting the exocrine glands)
  • spina bifida (a congenital defect of the spine)
  • muscular dystrophy (a group of diseases that cause loss of muscle mass)
  • autism (a developmental disorder characterized by difficulty in social interactions)
  • down syndrome (a congenital condition)
  • cerebral palsy (inability to move, maintain balance and posture)

Besides these conditions, some children show symptoms of developmental coordination disorder and hypotonia.

If you are searching for a Hyderabad physiotherapy clinic, please contact Mission Walk Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre in Hyderabad. We have qualified physiotherapists that can create treatment plans for multiple orthopedic conditions, including scoliosis, sports injuries, fractures, back pain, orthopedic surgeries, and other injuries sustained at school.

These are types of pediatric physiotherapy that our physiotherapy clinic offers:

1. Musculoskeletal Pediatric Physiotherapy

This condition causes damage to children’s muscles, bones, and joints. The physiotherapy session can lessen the pain while speeding up the healing process, thus helping the child recover quickly and perform functions normally.

2. Learning Difficulties Pediatric Physiotherapy

If the child has learning difficulties, he or she cannot, or is slow, in learning new things. They are also unable to understand information and communication. The physiotherapy treatment is individually focused so that the child can improve their cognitive and functional abilities.

3. Developmental Pediatric Physiotherapy

Developmental conditions are a condition that describes a child’s inability to progress as generally as you expect in reaching specific goals such as sitting, walking, and talking. The physiotherapy treatment is clearly defined for children and aims to help them to reach physical milestones.

4. Respiratory Pediatric Physiotherapy

This is the type of physiotherapy that helps the child suffering from a respiratory condition. This is a chronic condition that causes problems in breathing. The physiotherapy treatment will help the child to maintain clear airways. It also aids in secretion management.

5. Neurological Pediatric Physiotherapy

Neurological conditions in children are defined as difficulties performing functions such as mobility, muscle strength, balance, or movements. This condition can also adversely affect the child’s development. The physiotherapy treatment administered by our neuro physiotherapist will enhance the child’s physical development. It also aids in improving the capability of the child to reach specific goals such as walking or crawling.

The pediatric physiotherapists, upon your call, will first evaluate the child’s condition before providing treatment for the child’s motor skills problems. They will help develop the strength and degree of motion so that the child can move around the environment seamlessly.

The Mission Walk Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre also offers home physiotherapy services, so you do not have to bring the child to a centre or hospital for treatment. Our physiotherapists can perform various methods of treatment that include massage, joint mobilisation and manipulation, muscle stretching, dry needling, and more. The sessions aim to correct or improve the posture, strength, flexibility, sensory processing, balance, skills, and coordination of the child.

Because we are dealing with children, our physiotherapists go out on their way to make the sessions feel like play. They use age-appropriate physiotherapy exercises that children would love to engage in, as they find it fun to do. This way, the patients are happy and motivated.

The physiotherapists of Mission Walk work in close coordination with families, doctors, teachers, caregivers and health professionals with regards to handling of equipments, such as pushers, standing frames, and mobility aids.

To get in touch, please call us at numbers 91 91773 00194 or send us a message through our email address: rehab@missionwalk.in

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