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What Are The 5 stages of Rehabilitation in Sports?

If you’re an athlete injured while playing, how do you return to the sport you love after an injury? Can sports injury rehabilitation give you hope for greater toughness, and can you ever be whole again?

Sports injuries commonly happen in athletic activities, but it doesn’t mean your sporting days are over. This is especially true if the injury is known early and dealt with immediately with proper care.

The recovery process after a sports injury is difficult and seems hard to achieve without the structure of a sports injury rehabilitation. It is a type of physical therapy that treats people who have sports injuries, musculoskeletal pain, or illness. Using exercises, movement, and therapeutic interventions, you can maintain your health and fitness, lessen the pain and discomfort, and help you recover from the damage to your body.  

Several types of physical therapy can treat injuries from playing sports. Sports and ortho physiotherapy is the branch of physical therapy concerned with treating disorders and injuries to the skeletal systems and the associated muscles and joints. Orthopedic PT also includes pre- and post-operative rehabilitation of knees, hips, and shoulders.

Sports injury rehabilitation should be in 5 stages, and each stage deals with specific rehabilitation goals that align with your body’s natural healing process. To achieve this, you need help from a sports rehabilitation therapist. They will design a rehabilitation and care plan and enhance your workout routines. They will work with you to avoid sports-related injuries in the future and address these injuries should they occur.

These are the 5 stages of rehabilitation for sports injuries:

Stage 1 – Rest and Protect

This rehabilitation phase focuses on addressing the pain symptoms, offloading any movement, resting the injured area, and protecting it from additional trauma.

Stage 2 – Mobility and Movement

This stage is all about regaining flexibility and mobility in the joints. To restore mobility and range of motion, the sports rehabilitation therapist will use muscle stretching, therapeutic exercises, and flexibility training, plus other exercises you can do at home that can be extremely useful at this stage.

Stage 3 – Strength and Stamina

The 3rd stage of recovery is centered on rebuilding muscle strength, stamina, and endurance. Your physiotherapist will use simple bodyweight exercises to reforge the mind and body connection, isometric, and low load exercises.

Stage 4 – Reconnecting to Coordination

This stage is about proprioception. This is the body’s ability to put together action, movement, and location automatically. Your physiotherapist may include exercises that aim to restore neuro muscular control.

Stage 5 – Rebuilding Sport-specific Technical Movements

In this stage, you will be guided to perform rotation, catching, swinging, cutting, pivoting, and hitting. Your training will focus on preventing the same movements that have caused the injury.

Once you have mastered the sport-specific technical movements, you can look forward to a safer return to competitions.


Sports injury rehabilitation focuses on diagnosing, treating, and preventing injuries from living an active lifestyle and playing sports.

Before you can return to your sport safely; you need an accurate diagnosis, rest, andrecovery, as an experienced and compassionate sports injury rehabilitation therapist supervises you.

Mission Walk Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre have PTs and physiotherapists to help you meet your rehabilitation goals. Get in touch with us if you wish additional information about sports injury rehabilitation or if you want to have a free consultation. Just call or email us; our customer service staff will happily answer all your queries and give you satisfactory replies. If they cannot answer to your satisfaction, they’ll refer you to the concerned therapist, and if you enquire with us, it doesn’t imply that you should take treatment from us only. We never force anyone to take treatment from us.

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