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What conditions can be treated with pediatric physiotherapy?

What conditions can be treated with pediatric physiotherapy?

Pediatric Physiotherapy looks after the physical treatment of a child. The treatment generally includes heat treatments, body massages, and various exercises. For children suffering from neurological problems, brain damage, or even learning abilities, a Physiotherapy clinic aims at curing such problems in children. The injury faced by a child which might have affected his body movements after birth is also treated by physiotherapy.

Children from 0 to 18 years of age show several symptoms that can act as a hint that your child needs professional treatment. General signs that children affected by physiological disorders show are:

  • Problem while eating
  • Problem in speaking
  • Imbalance while walking running, or crawling
  • Lack of coordination during basic movements and activities
  • Respiratory issues

These are the primary signs that should tell you that your child needs extra care and medical diagnosis.

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above in your child, you should visit the nearby physiotherapist to begin the treatment on time. A delay in neurological or respiratory problems can lead to disastrous outcomes.

Disorders and Conditions that can be treated with pediatric physiotherapy:

1. Cerebral palsy

It is the condition that affects the movement, posture, and balance. A child finds it difficult to move his muscles or usually walk in the given condition. Cerebral palsy is brain development in an abnormal way or damage to the brain during childbirth. Cerebral palsy can occur in an infant as well.

When the brain faces injury in its developing stages, it fails to coordinate with the body muscles. Hence, it fails muscle movement. Pediatric physiotherapists assist children with cerebral palsy, and treatment includes improving muscle functionality, strength, and motor skills.

2. Posture

If your child is developing a hunchback or has a wrong posture, treating it early is necessary. Working on the core and alignment of the body through breathing exercises improves the children’s body posture. The children are also taught to sit while studying, using computers, and watching television. The experts guide them, and thus, it helps in the overall improvement of your kid.

3. Torticollis

When a child cannot move his neck correctly, it is called torticollis. The condition further results in plagiocephaly. In plagiocephaly, the head of the baby flattens from one or more sides. Physiotherapy helps in improving neck movement and thus, prevents flattening of the head. If not treated on time, Torticollis can lead to severe conditions and ruin your child’s future. With proper physiology treatment, you can save your child from such complications.

4. DCD

In medical terms, developmental Coordination Disorder, called DCD, is when the motor skills are affected. DCD is generally developed in school-going children. Due to DCD, your child may find it difficult to perform daily activities or would do them in a delayed manner.

A rehabilitation centre can assist the child in DCD. Routine motion practices, coordination movements, and other treatments can help a child deal with DCD.

5. Delay in Development

Some children develop slowly or late compared to other children of the same age group. In this case, the gross motor development of a child is affected. Autism or Down Syndrome can be a cause of developmental delay.

Pediatric Physiotherapy looks after curing such developmental issues. One crucial aspect that physiotherapists look after is the developmental milestones, and it helps the experts assess the kind of treatment your child requires.

The advancement in medical technology gives us hope that children can receive better treatment. But nothing beats the comfort of your home, especially for such special children. Sometimes, children with specific disorders do not prefer social life, and it adds to their frustration and can create negative consequences during the treatment. This is when you can avail of home Physiotherapy services.

Mission Walk is one such physiotherapy center if you are willing to connect to the best pediatric physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre. The physiotherapy centre treats various neurological and movement disorders in children, and the staff is friendly and always gives extra love and care to the kids. The physiotherapists out here are experienced in handling pediatric physiotherapy cases.

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