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Surgical Physiotherapy

What Is Surgical Physiotherapy?

If you are scheduled for an operation shortly, your doctor may recommend that you get surgical physiotherapy before and after the procedure. Having pre and post-operative rehabilitation from specialist physiotherapists is a good idea.

But should you work with a physiotherapist before and after your operation: 


Yes, it is necessary;  and in fact, it is a wise idea. Having therapy before the operation.

Some of the most common surgical procedures that can be helped with physiotherapy include operations on the knee, shoulder, lower back, ankle, wrist, elbow, hernia, hip, and more.


But should you work with a physiotherapist before and after your operation? Yes, it is necessary; and in fact, it is a wise idea. Pre-operative physiotherapy is also known as “prehab”. Surgery can be frightening, but it needs to be done for the improvement of your health. It is fairly scary that you must be put under anesthetics and operated on. 


Physiotherapy before surgery can help alleviate this fear, so working with a physiotherapist before you go under the knife can help you get prepared physically and emotionally for the surgery.


Pre-surgery physiotherapy will help you recuperate safely from your operation. It is a personalised exercise regimen to train your muscles in advance for your post-surgery exercises.


After you’re done with the operation, post surgery physiotherapy is extremely important in maximising the result of the surgery. It will help you focus on restoring your mobility, strength, and flexibility and reducing pain. You can have a quick and full recovery, which can be hard without physiotherapy.


Your physiotherapy after surgery can start soon after the operation – and perhaps on the same day. The reason for immediate rehabilitation is that if you wait for days, scar tissues may form and solidify, and breaking them can be difficult and painful. While surgical physiotherapy is often uncomfortable right after the operation, it can be far less painful than you wait for rehabilitation.  


Depending on what type of operation was done to you, you’ll get help from your therapist about mobility, like, for example, the proper way of getting in and out of bed, getting dressed, using the restrooms, and using mobility assistance devices.


Physiotherapy can help relieve pain, movement, and overall function and strengthen muscles. After the surgery, it is critical to get you moving. It is important for a successful recovery after an operation. Your blood circulation must improve for faster healing and to minimise possible blood clot formation.


Post surgery physiotherapy will help you feel less pain and swelling.


Physiotherapists are experts in restoring movement and function throughout your body. This structured program can restore your range of motion and improve your muscle strength. 


The rehabilitation after surgery can take several weeks and a few months and will be determined by your age, condition, and response to the treatment. 

Here are some benefits of physiotherapy after surgery.


*  increase muscle flexibility and balance

*  restore your normal movements

*  minimise the disadvantageous effects of the operation

*  enable a quicker post-surgery recovery

*  reduce muscle stiffness and swelling

*  regain motion and muscle strength

*  help reduce post operative pain


Surgical physiotherapy, both before and after operations, needs qualified and experienced physiotherapists. Mission Walk Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre have an excellent team of physiotherapists that can work with the appropriate treatment methods after an expert surgical procedure. Our team has available tools and techniques, and had the best training to help you recover fast from an injury or surgery.


At Mission Walk, we pride ourselves on our pre- and post-operative physiotherapy services. Our therapists have vast experience and training in assessing and treating post-surgery patients for optimum recovery.


Do you need physiotherapy for you before and after the operation? We can help you recover faster and more comfortably if we start working together as early as possible. You may even be able to lessen the days of your hospital stay, thus realise more savings.


Call Mission Walk today to learn more about our pre and post-surgery physiotherapy or rehabilitation program. Or, you can connect with our customer care representatives, who’ll resolve all your queries. Even if they are unable, they won’t leave you in the lurch; instead, they connect you to the concerned physiotherapist.

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