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Why Mission Walk for Physiotherapy?

Why Mission Walk for Physiotherapy?

Are you currently looking for the best physiotherapy rehabilitation center in India? Maybe you have an injury after attempting the gym or trying a new fitness routine. Maybe you have back pain or repetitive injury due to an occupational issue. If you are in Hyderabad or somewhere nearby, you need not look further. Mission Walk is just a phone call away and is ready to welcome you for treatment of your condition.

But why Mission Walk for physiotherapy? If you need the services of a physiotherapist, obviously you want someone that will provide you with great treatment; and to find that someone, you need to find a reputed and expert physiotherapy centre. There are so many rehabilitation centres out there; how do you find a good one when every clinic is expected to say that they are one?

Here are some additional reasons for choosing Mission Walk for your physiotherapy treatments:

1. We put the patients first. We work at convenient hours, and we believe that you will be receiving proper treatment with us. We offer appointments in early morning and early evenings, which is an excellent benefit for individuals who badly need treatment but cannot make an appointment during their work hours.

2. Mission Walk has private treatment rooms, which will make you feel comfortable working with any of our physiotherapists. You can also discuss your condition with them honestly and straightforwardly, without worrying about being overheard. You can learn your recovery exercises in our private treatment room and interact with your therapist without distractions. Not all rehabilitation centres have private treatment rooms, but Mission Walk have them and offers them to you.

3. We practice ethical billing. This means we develop a treatment plan and schedule depending on what is needed in your condition, not on your available coverage. We consider it unethical to devise a treatment plan to maximise your coverage. We never schedule visits to what your coverage allows, but we assess you before developing a plan that suits your treatment needs. You can save yourself from treatment sessions that are not necessary;
so when you re-injure yourself or sustain another injury, you can still have available coverage.

4. The physiotherapists of Mission Walk are registered, fully qualified, and fully accredited, just like other health professionals should be. Some centres offer physiotherapy for recovery exercises, but that differs from being treated by a registered physio. Before we begin treatment, a licensed physiotherapist will thoroughly assess your condition first. This way, we can prevent injury, and your recovery will happen more quickly. All our physiotherapists at Mission Walk are licensed.

Our physiotherapists, like all other health professionals, follow strict service standards
and have dissimilar areas of expertise.
If you have suffered an injury or have a specific health condition, it is essential to choose the ideal physiotherapist.

5. We at Mission Walk practice one on one ratio. We never book several patients into a single slot with one physiotherapist. All our appointments are delivered exclusively by a physiotherapist with the help of a physio assistant in some instances. We do not allow the assistant to provide medical consultation. Our physiotherapist should observe the patient while being treated and be available to address the patient’s concerns during the treatment process.

6. Physiotherapy covers a wide area. When a patient comes to us at Mission Walk, they will be attended by a therapist who has relevant qualifications for that patient’s particular problem. For example, if you are recovering from bypass surgery, you will be seen by our cardiovascular physiotherapist expert. If you have a bad back, a physio specialist in musculoskeletal conditions will attend to you.

If, for any reason, you cannot come to our centre, Mission Walk can provide you with home physiotherapy in Hyderabad.

Rehabilitation after injury or illness is a slow process, so you should be sure that you receive robotic physiotherapy in Hyderabad. We aim to help you recover and find new ways of doing things. Rehabilitation at Mission Walk can help you relearn skills, regain your strength, and get you moving again, so you lead a good life as much as possible.

Call us at 91 917730 0194 or email us at www.missionwalk.inrehab@missionwalk.in for your questions and concerns.

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